Interview CNBC – 6 mai

CNBCA l’occasion de la première année du quinquennat de François Hollande j’étais l’invitée de CNBC.

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Karine Berger, a member of France’s finance commission and of  

CNBCHollande’s ruling socialist party defended the government’s track record, saying the government was bringing down the state’s public expenses and that it was committed to bringing down its budget deficit. « It’s nonsense to run towards a 3 percent (deficit) target if growth is decreasing at the same time…My view is that we are going to be very close to the 3 percent at the end of this year, » she said. She said the government was not as left-leaning as it was often portrayed in English-speaking media and argued it was perhaps under fire more than others because it was the only truly labor-focused government in Europe. « We are not communists…We are a « Labour-like » government, » she said. « We are company-friendly, business friendly, market-friendly, but we are also very involved in social justice and equality, » she said.